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Problem Reopening Opportunity - Check Owner of Resolution Activity

An issue one of our users reported this morning was that they were unable to reopen some legacy (pre 2017) opportunities  and instead were getting the below "Access Denied" message however, some Opportunity records would reopen fine.

Your probably thinking why am i blogging about this its just a simple fix of updating permissions however, downloading the log file associated with the error didn't provide any hints of the missing privilege it simply stated:

"You do not have enough privileges to access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 object or perform the requested operation. For more information, contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator." Useful! 

On checking the users permissions I could see they had the correct permission levels to re- open the selected Opportunities (Business Unit access to all privileges) and the record they were trying to reopen was owned by a user within the same business unit as themselves. Therefore there should not of been an issue.

After a fair bit of investigation trying to look at patterns at what Opportunities could be reopened and which ones couldn't I happened to notice that  all the dates correlated to a day where a large amount of Opportunities were imported via SSIS from a legacy system. 

Then it dawned on me that although the records are owned by a user in the same business unit I bet the records were closed by a user not in the same business unit e.g. my account or a service account and that the problem maybe that the user is not able to update the resolution activity (Opportunity Close) record from "completed" to "Canceled". When reopening a Opportunity record the system automatically updates the status reason of the previous associated "Opportunity Close" record to cancelled.

To test I reopened the Opportunity with my admin account and then logged back in with my user account (set with the same permissions as user) and I was now able to successfully close the opportunity record. I then  reopened the Opportunity with my user account, logged back in with my admin account and closed the opportunity again.  Finally I logged back in with the user account but was unable to reopen the opportunity, confirming the issue was to do with the owner of the Opportunity close record.

Quite simple really but something that threw me a little at first as I was only thinking about the owner of the Opportunity record and the fact the user had business unit level privileges to the record.
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