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Missing Permissions a mind field in Unified Interface

 I always remember solving user permissions issues in CRM used to be easy. The error message that popped up would always give an indication of what permission was missing or at the very least by downloading the log file the associated stack trace would give you enough information to work it out. 

However, recently and only since the move to Model-Driven Apps users would receive something like the below error. 

Then after downloading the log file the stack trace would look something like the below, with no hint at all as to what the missing privilege is. 

However,  I found out today that if I reproduce the user's error using the classic CRM interface and download the log file I get a much more useful stack trace. To force classic mode we can add forceclassic="1" onto our application url.  "{0}crm{1}

Then once the error happens and we download the stack trace in Classic mode the stack trace looks like the below and is a lot more detailed.

If we look at the stack trace carefully we can see the user is missing global "Append To" access on the Workflow (process) entity. So until MS gives better stack tracking in the unified interface we may need to occasionally force classic mode to get a better idea of what's going on.

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