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CRM Workflow Error Sending Email "Cannot create the given type without the required parameter".

Something that caught me out recently after making a simple change to a workflow that triggered an email notification in an old CRM 2011 on premise system was the below.

I deactivated a workflow and update Send Email step to add another user to the email distribution list and reactivated the workflow. 

When the workflow runs not it fails on the email step with the following error message 

"Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: Cannot create the given type without the required"

I did think I was going to have to delete and recreate the email but I came across the below blog post that suggested the issue is a bug with how CRM saves changes from the distribution list fields. The fix here was simply delete all users in the From, To, CC and BCC fields and re add them back in. 

Strange issue but thanks to the below blog I dint loose to much time on this one.

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