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Option Set Mismatch between CRM Environments.

Last week I came across an issue where some of our option sets were missing from our live environment after applying a solution upgrade after using patching.

On investigating I found that some of our option sets did not match between the unmanaged development solution and the managed solution in our live environment. I can only assume that the additional option sets had been added via the data import functionality when importing data from legacy systems.   

This meant that essentially when applying the solution upgrade any option set labels not in the option set list field in the unmamaged solution were removed when the solution was upgraded. 

To fix I had to check each option set that existed in the solution and ensure that it had both a label and value. Note: Removing an option set in CRM will simply mean the record cannot display the text but the underlying value will still exist. 

 It can be difficult to surface the value once the option set has  been removed within the CRM interface therefore to get the corresponding values I used the brilliant FetchXML builder from XRMToolbox. 

This tool allowed me  to easily query each option set for a distinct list of option set values and check for any that did not have a label.  For example the below screenshot clearly shows that row 9 has a value of "100000005" and no corresponding label.

Luckily for us we had recently requested a backup from Microsoft so I was able to cross reference the value to get the corresponding option set text  from the database backup. 

However, I could of also reinstalled a backup of the live default solution on a development server to get the corresponding text value. 

I simply then added the option set values back into the corresponding fields in the development environment and re imported the solutions back into live as managed and the records then showed the correct values.

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