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Dynamics CRM OOB & Custom Entity Type Codes

Ever since first working on CRM entity type codes have regularly caught me out when writing custom code or working on  data migration projects. I either forget to set it and end up with a run time error and have to go back and modiffy my code or if I do remember  to set it I never remember the OOB codes.

Back in the day when using on premise environments I simply had a stored procedure that queried the back end database and returned the list of entity type codes. This had the added bonus that it also returned the entity type codes for custom entities.

Now we have moved to cloud only environments I often find my self having to head over to the MS site and find the relevant page listing the object type codes.

So thought it would be useful for me to list them below for quick reference for myself.
Entity Name Object Type Code
   Account 1
   Contact 2
   Opportunity 3
   Lead 4
   Annotation 5
   BusinessUnitMap 6
   Owner 7
   SystemUser 8
   Team 9
   BusinessUnit 10
   PrincipalObjectAccess 11
   RolePrivileges 12
   SystemUserLicenses 13
   SystemUserPrincipals 14
   SystemUserRoles 15
   AccountLeads 16
   ContactInvoices 17
   ContactQuotes 18
   ContactOrders 19
   ServiceContractContacts 20
   ProductSalesLiterature 21
   ContactLeads 22
   TeamMembership 23
   LeadCompetitors 24
   OpportunityCompetitors 25
   CompetitorSalesLiterature 26
   LeadProduct 27
   RoleTemplatePrivileges 28
   Subscription 29
   FilterTemplate 30
   PrivilegeObjectTypeCodes 31
   SalesProcessInstance 32
   SubscriptionSyncInfo 33
   SubscriptionTrackingDeletedObject 35
   ClientUpdate 36
   SubscriptionManuallyTrackedObject 37
   TeamRoles 40
   PrincipalEntityMap 41
   SystemUserBusinessUnitEntityMap 42
   PrincipalAttributeAccessMap 43
   PrincipalObjectAttributeAccess 44
   Incident 112
   Competitor 123
   DocumentIndex 126
   KbArticle 127
   Subject 129
   BusinessUnitNewsArticle 132
   ActivityParty 135
   UserSettings 150
   ActivityAttachment 1001
   Attachment 1002
   InternalAddress 1003
   CompetitorAddress 1004
   CompetitorProduct 1006
   Contract 1010
   ContractDetail 1011
   Discount 1013
   KbArticleTemplate 1016
   LeadAddress 1017
   Organization 1019
   OrganizationUI 1021
   PriceLevel 1022
   Privilege 1023
   Product 1024
   ProductAssociation 1025
   ProductPriceLevel 1026
   ProductSubstitute 1028
   SystemForm 1030
   UserForm 1031
   Role 1036
   RoleTemplate 1037
   SalesLiterature 1038
   SavedQuery 1039
   StringMap 1043
   UoM 1055
   UoMSchedule 1056
   SalesLiteratureItem 1070
   CustomerAddress 1071
   SubscriptionClients 1072
   StatusMap 1075
   DiscountType 1080
   KbArticleComment 1082
   OpportunityProduct 1083
   Quote 1084
   QuoteDetail 1085
   UserFiscalCalendar 1086
   SalesOrder 1088
   SalesOrderDetail 1089
   Invoice 1090
   InvoiceDetail 1091
   SavedQueryVisualization 1111
   UserQueryVisualization 1112
   RibbonTabToCommandMap 1113
   RibbonContextGroup 1115
   RibbonCommand 1116
   RibbonRule 1117
   RibbonCustomization 1120
   RibbonDiff 1130
   ReplicationBacklog 1140
   FieldSecurityProfile 1200
   FieldPermission 1201
   SystemUserProfiles 1202
   TeamProfiles 1203
   UserFiscalCalendar 2000
   UserFiscalCalendar 2001
   UserFiscalCalendar 2002
   UserFiscalCalendar 2003
   UserFiscalCalendar 2004
   Template 2010
   ContractTemplate 2011
   UnresolvedAddress 2012
   Territory 2013
   Queue 2020
   License 2027
   QueueItem 2029
   UserEntityUISettings 2500
   UserEntityInstanceData 2501
   IntegrationStatus 3000
   ConnectionRole 3231
   ConnectionRoleAssociation 3232
   ConnectionRoleObjectTypeCode 3233
   Connection 3234
   Equipment 4000
   Service 4001
   Resource 4002
   Calendar 4003
   CalendarRule 4004
   ResourceGroup 4005
   ResourceSpec 4006
   ConstraintBasedGroup 4007
   Site 4009
   ResourceGroupExpansion 4010
   InterProcessLock 4011
   EmailHash 4023
   DisplayStringMap 4101
   DisplayString 4102
   Notification 4110
   ActivityPointer 4200
   Appointment 4201
   Email 4202
   Fax 4204
   IncidentResolution 4206
   Letter 4207
   OpportunityClose 4208
   OrderClose 4209
   PhoneCall 4210
   QuoteClose 4211
   Task 4212
   ServiceAppointment 4214
   Commitment 4215
   UserQuery 4230
   RecurrenceRule 4250
   RecurringAppointmentMaster 4251
   EmailSearch 4299
   List 4300
   ListMember 4301
   Campaign 4400
   CampaignResponse 4401
   CampaignActivity 4402
   CampaignItem 4403
   CampaignActivityItem 4404
   BulkOperationLog 4405
   BulkOperation 4406
   Import 4410
   ImportMap 4411
   ImportFile 4412
   ImportData 4413
   DuplicateRule 4414
   DuplicateRecord 4415
   DuplicateRuleCondition 4416
   ColumnMapping 4417
   PickListMapping 4418
   LookUpMapping 4419
   OwnerMapping 4420
   ImportLog 4423
   BulkDeleteOperation 4424
   BulkDeleteFailure 4425
   TransformationMapping 4426
   TransformationParameterMapping 4427
   ImportEntityMapping 4428
   RelationshipRole 4500
   RelationshipRoleMap 4501
   CustomerRelationship 4502
   CustomerOpportunityRole 4503
   Audit 4567
   EntityMap 4600
   AttributeMap 4601
   PluginType 4602
   PluginTypeStatistic 4603
   PluginAssembly 4605
   SdkMessage 4606
   SdkMessageFilter 4607
   SdkMessageProcessingStep 4608
   SdkMessageRequest 4609
   SdkMessageResponse 4610
   SdkMessageResponseField 4611
   SdkMessagePair 4613
   SdkMessageRequestField 4614
   SdkMessageProcessingStepImage 4615
   SdkMessageProcessingStepSecureConfig 4616
   ServiceEndpoint 4618
   AsyncOperation 4700
   WorkflowWaitSubscription 4702
   Workflow 4703
   WorkflowDependency 4704
   IsvConfig 4705
   WorkflowLog 4706
   ApplicationFile 4707
   OrganizationStatistic 4708
   SiteMap 4709
   ProcessSession 4710
   WebWizard 4800
   WizardPage 4802
   WizardAccessPrivilege 4803
   TimeZoneDefinition 4810
   TimeZoneRule 4811
   TimeZoneLocalizedName 4812
   Solution 7100
   Publisher 7101
   PublisherAddress 7102
   SolutionComponent 7103
   Dependency 7105
   DependencyNode 7106
   InvalidDependency 7107
   Post 8000
   PostRole 8001
   PostRegarding 8002
   PostFollow 8003
   PostComment 8005
   PostLike 8006
   Report 9100
   ReportEntity 9101
   ReportCategory 9102
   ReportVisibility 9103
   ReportLink 9104
   TransactionCurrency 9105
   MailMergeTemplate 9106
   ImportJob 9107
   WebResource 9333
   SharePointSite 9502
   SharePointDocumentLocation 9508
   Goal 9600
   GoalRollupQuery 9602
   Metric 9603
   RollupField 9604
   msdyn_PostAlbum 10021
   msdyn_PostConfig 10022
   msdyn_PostRuleConfig 10023
Custom Entity object type codes
If you are looking for the object type code for a custom entity and are not utilising a on premise environment we can use the metadatabrowser solution found in the CRM SDK. We can  simply install the managed solution on our environment and use it to query entity meta data including the entitytypecode for custom entities.

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