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Unlocking “add new” on subgrid for read-only records

We had an issue earlier in the week with one of our clients. A custom entity had been created with a one to many relationship to an Opportunity.

The user wanted to be able to add information to the related entity from within the context off the Opportunity record even when the record was marked as "won" making the record read only.

However, out of the box and for reasons I am unsure of CRM hides the "add new button" on related entities when the related record is in a read only state. This has always seemed strange to me because CRM does not stop you from creating the record from the parent record and manually using the lookup field to map to the child record.

Anyway our end user found it difficult to locate the correct Opportunity in the lookup field and wanted to be able to do this from within the context of the Opportunity record.

Once again the brilliant RibbonWorkBenchEditor from the guys at develop1 comes to the rescue.

We can simply use the editor to locate the "add new" button on the entities subgrid ribbon and remove the EntityFormEnabled Rule from the button and republish.

For those of you who need step by step help on doing this please see this brilliant post by Alex Shlega.

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