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Azure Dev Ops - Moving Test Case between Test Suites

 Something we need to do occasionally is move test cases between test suites. In the past, this was always a tricky task and in the end, we often used to just recreate the tests. However, azure dev opps introduced a great new feature a while back which allowed you to simply add an existing test case to a test suite. 

However, in typical fashion, we seemed to lose this feature with an update and we went back to just recreating the tests. However, today I needed to do this exact same thing but my test suite had a number of steps and I didn't fancy recreating it all so I had a little look at the settings in Dev Opps and managed to find a way to get the functionality back. 

Click on your avatar within Azure Dev Opps (Top right) and click the three dots and then click user settings.

Then Click Preview Features. 

The scroll down till you find the "New Test Plan Page" preview page and turn it off. 

Now if you navigate back to your test plan suite you will notice the design has changed to the old style and one of the buttons on the ribbon is to add existing. 


Then you can simply search for the test case by number find the record and then click to add it to the new test suite.  It's as simple as that.

I do prefer the new UX for the Test Plans so I will swap back to it but it's good to know if you ever find the need to do this in the future we can simply switch back to the old design perform the action and switch back. I presuming the ability to move test cases will be added to the new UX design at some point in the future but until then this is a good alternative.

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