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Dynamics365 - Missing Data when View Exported to Excel

We came across a strange issue last week where one of our custom system views stopped working as expected. One of our fields which contained data would appear empty after exporting to Excel (Phew, the data wasn't lost). What made this even stranger was if I opened the same view via advanced find and exported from advanced find to excel rather than from the view list page the field would contain data when exported.

I tried making changes to the view (adding and removing the broken column) but the problem still persisted.  I also noticed if I opened the view in advanced find saved the view as a different name (personal view) and re-exported to Excel from the view list page the data was shown in CRM. However, if I re-created the view as a system view using save as the problem with the export to Excel still existed. Strange!

 The only fix was for me was to manually recreate the view from scratch as a system view. However, because this system view was in a managed state in one of my solutions I had to delete the view from the unmanaged solution in my sandbox environment, recreate the view then perform a solution upgrade on the  solution in the live site to get rid of the corrupt view in the managed state.
  A strange issue that I have fed back to Microsoft to see if they can tell me why this may have occurred.

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