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Relationship Mapping Lookup Bug "No Name" reference.

Recently we have started to noticed an issue with  Lookup field relationship mappings in Dynamics CRM V8.2. 

We have some field mappings setup so that when a a child record is created from within the context of a parent record some details from the parent account are automatically referenced on the child record. However, some of the  lookup mappings have started to show with no "Name" as the reference.  What makes this stranger is you can still click on the link with the name "No Name"  it takes you to the correct record.

I double checked the current mapping and they all appeared to be setup correctly. After spending quite a while looking into the issue I deleted the mappings and re-added the mapping back in and published my changes.

On retry of creating the record from with the context of the parent the lockups displayed the correct value.  Unfortunately I don't have an answer as to what the problem was  all I can surmise is the mappings became corrupt somehow potentially on export of a solution perhaps. (Really frustrating when you have to just accept something and not have a reason for the error).

 I am going to keep an eye on this over the next few weeks to see if it happens again  or if I can figure out any pattern to how it happens. However, hopefully this was a one off and it saves somebody else some time!

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  1. Check this article. Not sure if you are still facing this issue.