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Install 365 Developer Toolkit on VS 2017

For some reason Microsoft have decided to exclude the developer toolkit from the Dynamics 365 SDK. In previous versions it could be found in the following location.

Fortunately, the Dynamics 365 developer toolkit  installation file can instead be downloaded from the following location.

If using a pre 2017 version of Visual Studio we can simply double click the VSIX file and install the toolkit.   

However, the latest toolkit unfortunately does not support VS 2017 natively  but with the following tweak we can get this up and running.

-   Unzip the VSIX file we downloaded above
-  Locate and open file named “extension.vsixmanifest”
-   Modify “installation target version” attributes to read as [] instead of [].
-   Rezip the files
- Finally change the file extension from ".zip" to ."vsix".
-   Double click the vsix file and click “install” to install onto the latest version of Visual Studio.

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